Everything about the Haegeum gold kiwi is known.

Characteristics & Environment

Biotic season of Haegeum Gold Kiwi fruit (Focused on the outdoor orchards in Haeman, Jeonnam.)

    • Germination of stems and buds
    • leafing of leaves
    • Flowerage
    • Increase in sugar content
    • decrease in chromaticity
    • Harvested when juicy flesh chromaticity decreased to be 103 to 105.
    • Fallen leaves
    • Diapause

Characteristics of fruits in harvest

Weight (g) Height (cm) Length (cm) Height/Length () Chromaticity (˚) Dry weight (%) Sugar content (%) Hardness (kg/5mmø)
85~105 6.0 ~ 6.8 5.0 ~ 5.5 1.1~1.3 101~106 15.5~17.5 7.5 ~ 9.0 4.0~4.6

- Harvest time: The last part of October to the first part of November, Based on Haenam region, there are differences in growing conditions by year.

Conditions of good orchards

Ideal soil Location of orchards Safe place from frost injury
  • Silt loam and sandy loam that drainage is good.
  • Water (Flooding) can be supplied in drought.
  • Soil is good and has organic matters. Fertility is high.
  • Soil acidification is neutral (pH 6).
  • The low-lying grounds and basins that cool air can stay must be avoided.
  • Slight incline.
  • Excellent daylight condition and looking toward south.
  • Temperatures are lower (Frost injury) than Hayward. The low temperatures in midwater (Temperatures of less than ten degrees below zero last for more than 1 to 2 hours) are less than 1 to 2 times per 10 years.

How to create orchards and planting method

Creating soil of orchards
  • Puts the ingredients that can improve the soil physical property before creating it and overturns soil by utilizing heavy equipment.
  • Creating plots: Creates plots and furrows that surface water can easily drain out of them.
  • Plants trees after overturned soil is left for more than 6 months.
Planting row
  • Planting rows can slantly be created to make surface water well comes off.
  • Trees grow well and it is advantageous for management including work by agricultural machines.
Planting distance
  • The standard plant distance is kept to be 6*6 or 5*6 meters between the rows under the good site condition and soil of orchards.
Creating shelves
  • Palissee of trees is advantageous for the installation of columns to be installed to satisfy the planting distance for follow-up management work. Supplementary and support facilities must be installed not to make the self facilities (Palissee lines, supplementary and horizontal supports, etc.) drooped.
Measures for the wind
  • Create rain proof screens, houses and the wall for prevent the wind, and windbreaks.